Careers In Marketing

A good product is worthless if proper marketing is not done to so that it reaches the proper market. Marketing is all about creating the right channel for selling a product and it is not easy as it seems at first. The first requirement of getting a marketing job is to have a degree related… Continue reading Careers In Marketing

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Democracy In Pakistan

Pakistan is a democratic country now.  But in the British period, it was united with the Indian subcontinent. This subcontinent got freedom from the British in 1857, but didn’t divide into India-Bangladesh-Pakistan.   In 1947 this long part of the Asia content divided into two parts. One part was called India and rest one is the… Continue reading Democracy In Pakistan

Is The Internet Ready For Video Takeover?

The Internet is an ever-changing environment, and it does so at speeds we, humans, can hardly follow. Not so long ago, none of us had Twitter followers, we didn’t count the likes on Facebook, we didn’t record ourselves and post videos on YouTube and we weren’t watching American Netflix online. Hell, even the idea of… Continue reading Is The Internet Ready For Video Takeover?