The Truth Behind Cell Phone Repair Myths

Whenever something goes wrong with a phone, a lot of people’s knee jerk reaction is to consult the Internet to identify the problem and find possible solutions for it. However, not everything you would find in blogs or forums are 100% true. Below are some common cell phone repair myths you might find online, and the truth behind them.

The Truth Behind Cell Phone Repair Myths

  • Uncooked rice can save your water-damaged cell phone.

This is probably the most well known myth surrounding cell phone repair. It involves immersing your phone in a zip lock bag or bowl of uncooked rice for a few hours after getting soaked with liquid. The logic behind this is that the rice would absorb the water from your phone the same way that it absorbs water when being cooked. While the uncooked rice may indeed soak up the liquid on the surface of your handset, it wouldn’t be able to absorb the water that’s already inside the phone. If the liquid were not properly taken out, then it would corrode and damage the motherboard and other parts as well. To add to that, the starch and sugar in rice could leave residues in your phone, speeding up the corrosion.

  • Taking your phone to cell phone repair shops will void its warranty.

Many people believe that if a third party tinkered with their phones, then the manufacturer warranties would be invalidated. However, those warranties only cover manufacturer defects, but not accidental damage or normal wear and tear. So if you bring your phone to the manufacturer’s service center for let’s say water damage or shattered screen, they would not repair it and suggest that you replace the phone instead. Having your handset repaired in a cell phone repair shop would be way cheaper than buying a new one.

  • Cell phone repairs would take too long.

Depending on the damage, the time it would take to repair your phone would vary. The bigger the damage, the longer it would take to repair it. It also depends on the availability of the parts that need to be replaced. However, minor damage repairs like screen replacements or battery and charger port issues can be fixed within an hour or two.

  • Shattered screens are just superficial damage that can be ignored.

Most cell phone users usually ignore cracks on their screens. It is annoying to look at, but one can look past the cracks or just get used to it, right? You can’t be any more wrong. A shattered phone screen, when left for too long, could cause bigger problems to your device such as dead spots, dark spots, backlight malfunction, or discoloration. Also, the little glass fragments could hurt you when you use your phone.

DIY Cell Phone Repairs

The Internet is filled with how-to and DIY videos, including fixing cell phones. A lot of people resort to doing the repairs themselves rather than taking it to the repair shop. However, if you are not an expert and you attempt to fix it yourself, you might be doing more harm to your phone by misdiagnosing the problem or accidentally damaging other parts, which would cost you more money. You don’t need to be a genius to repair a cell phone, but it isn’t easy either and it takes technical know-how and training to accurately identify and fix the issue.

If in any case you experience having problems with your phone, whether from accidental damage or wear and tear, find a reliable and reputable cell phone repair company and take your gadget there right away. It’s better to spend a little money now than regret it later.

Written by Cell Phone Repair Columbia, MO. Cell Phone Repair (CPR) offers cell phone repair, as well as repair for your other electronic devices.

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