Something You Should Know About Pokémon GO APK

Pokémon Go has become a viral phenomenon since its launch. The game has earned $14 million just within a week and thereby creating records and standing number one in the download charts. The following article will let you know everything about the Pokémon Company as well as the Nintendo. Read this before downloading Pokémon GO APK.

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What is the Pokémon Go Game?

With the launch of the Pokémon Go game, it seems like we have visited the middle of the 1990s again. Everyone is getting crazed with the Pokémon fever and players are trying to catch the Pokémon out in real world places in literal sense.

The Pokémon Go game utilises your phone’s GPS systems along with an integrated clock to determine exactly when and where the Pokémon Go is run. As soon as you start the game, the game populates your nearby surroundings with Pokémon. In the game, you will look at your nearby surroundings with your phone’s camera as well as the screen. The Pokémon’s enter the nearby surroundings in quite a convincing way. All of it is due to augmented reality.

The rest of the game is much like the classic Pokémon. You end up spotting different Pokémon’s, try to catch them, train them to build your own strength during the battle. Due to augmented reality as well as GPS, players are lured to travel around to catch the Pokémon’s.

Despite the lack of multi-player battles, the game has become famous due to the core Pokémon experience it promises. One can find Poké Stops as well as Pokémon Gyms which are marked by locations in the real world such as museums, malls etc.

Where to Download the Game from?

The game has not been launched in many countries, just a couple of them. The very first thing you need to do is to download Pokémon GO APK. All you have to do is to go to the Google play store or the Apple App store and put a search for ‘Pokémon Go’.

All you require is an APK file. You need to download the required APK file and install it in your mobile phone. However, a word of caution here- There are quite a few fake Pokémon Go APK file, which are trying to earn on behalf of the game’s popularity. After the installation of the file, you can catch as well as play the game just like the rest of the players. The game will launch in the remaining countries in the following days. The game will be launched in Japan, UK as well as the Europe in just a few days. The WhatsApp APK of this game has also become a popular means of sharing it.

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Pokémon Go Tips

As the game is still beginning to get popularity, it isn’t quite clear as to what and how things must be done. You can look for Pokémon Go guides to know how to start up with the game, how to join gyms, how to earn XPs, how to catch as well as train the Pokémon’s and moreover on how to engage in battles. You can find WhatsApp APK by asking people to share in case you have not been successful in locating the file over the web.