Due to the emerging competition, it is mandatory to keep in mind how many people are applying for the same position as you before filling out and submitting a Walmart application. In order to increase your chances of getting that job, you need to have an edge over others in the form of better experience or skills, which will improve your chances of getting it. Since, the entire application process at Walmart’s is a numbers game, sometimes if your application does not look as impressive as others, it is rejected. So, sitting at home besides the phone and waiting for the response after the application is not the most ideal solution. If rejected, you will receive a denial notice some time later thanking you for applying at Walmart. Keeping all that in mind, it is mandatory to put yourself in the best place for the job for better chances of getting approved.


So, before we start on how to apply at Walmart, if possible, try to make contact with any personnel within the company with the aid of a family member or relative or a friend and show your interest for that particular job opening. In case, you have no connections, using a novel approach with a staff at the store can also get you a job in some cases if they are impressed with your demeanor and personality. Search for the best methods that will put yourself in the limelight within the company and make your task a lot easier. A personal contact like mentioned before can also help you to place yourself on the top of the pile and when the right time comes for selection, you might just get shortlisted.

Follow the easy steps below to get selected in the simplest manner and develop a fantastic career at Walmart.

  1. Use the company website and register for an applicant account. Ensure that you have a detailed idea of the job you want or the openings at the company so that you can select the best position and increase your chances of selection.
  2. Among the many things, you will be asked about the kind of positions you are interested in after you are done with the completion of your application careers form. They will also ask you what stores and offices your prefer to work in and your past history of experience as well as your choice of working hours at the store.
  3. Fill the pre employment test to check your work ethics. There are many questions that will help to determine things like how you will react in situations like handling a customer complaint or tough times in the store. Many questions about your experience in the past jobs as well as a personality test will be included to get all possible answers from you. Moreover, this exam mainly determines how will act and think when you are already working at the job.
  4. In case you do not pass the exam, you won’t be able to attend the interview. For people who want to take the test again after they fail, they can only do it after 60 days.
  5. For people who pass the exam, an interview will be scheduled sometime later. Dress appropriately in the best attire for the interview and respond to all the questions related to what you wrote in your application form as well as your pre employment test.

If you follow these steps diligently, there will absolutely be no trouble in getting a job at Walmart. So, good luck and prepare your best.