8 Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm

With the cost of energy soaring, many people want to know how to keep their homes toasty without spending a fortune. Here are some tips you might not be aware of for making the most of the heat generated by your boiler.

  1. Tin Foil

For radiators attached to external walls, it’s a good idea to place aluminum foil behind the radiator. Instead of heat disappearing into the wall, it is reflected back into the room. You can even purchase specially designed foil for placing behind radiators at a very reasonable price.

  1. Curtains

A lot of heat escapes through windows so it’s a good idea to hang thick curtains with a thermal lining. If you don’t want to purchase new ones, it’s straightforward to line your existing curtains with a cheap fleece material for example. Doors can also be covered in this way, even with a rug if you don’t have spare curtains.

8 Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm

  1. Let the sun in

Natural light is very important, so don’t keep curtains closed during the day. Natural light is a great source of free heat so make the most of any bright winter sunshine. Wait until dusk falls before closing curtains for maximum heat retention.

  1. Check your boiler

If your boiler is not running as it should, your home won’t be as warm as it could be, and you’ll be wasting energy but still paying for it. Having your boiler regularly serviced and replaced in necessary can help keep your energy bills lower and your home warmer. For Boiler Installation Gloucester,visithttp://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boiler-installation-and-heating-systems/

  1. Draughts

Blocking up areas where small draughts can get in will also help to keep your home warmer. Draughts can come in through the letterbox, so if you don’t have a brush inside your letterbox, you should consider installing one. Keyhole covers are also easy to cover up keyhole gaps where draughts could sneak in. If you have a cat or dog flap, think about hanging a blanket over it to keep draughts out. It’s easy to make your own diy draught excluders, with a pair of old tights and some scraps of material for stuffing.

  1. Keep your radiators clear

Don’t block radiators with large pieces of furniture as the furniture will absorb all the heat and not the room.

8 Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm

  1. Add a shelf

Adding a shelf above a radiator helps to channel warmth around the room instead of rising, a particular problem for those with high ceilings. Try to keep the shelf clear though so objects can’t absorb all the heat.

  1. Close the doors

If you’re not using a room, close the door on it. This will stop any cold air moving from the room into the rest of the house where heat has been generated.

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